Replace Existing System

Is your traditional furnace or heat pump on its last leg? Or do you just want to get rid of your inefficient equipment before it costs you an arm and a leg?

Geothermal systems provide a smart alternative for the replacement of older or inefficient equipment in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Most units are easy to install and can be installed in areas unsuitable for fossil fuel furnaces. There is no combustion or need to vent exhaust gasses which means our equipment can be installed virtually anywhere.

If you have ductwork already installed in your home, you are one step ahead of the game. If not, Ross and Witmer can easily install ductwork so you can experience the comfort of geothermal to its full extent. Another heating method to consider is radiant in-floor heating. Imagine walking on warm floors all winter long… We offer a unit that is capable of in-floor heating in conjunction with forced air to provide you with the most comfortable heating possible – all while helping the environment and saving money.

Check out the savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to a geothermal system!

Geothermal Benefits for Charlotte Residents

  • lower operating costs – Because a geothermal heat pump operates much more efficiently than ordinary heating and cooling systems
  • enhanced comfort – Because our geothermal systems distribute air with remarkable precision, eliminating hot and cold spots all year long
  • quiet operation – Think of it: there’s no noisy outdoor unit!
  • reliable performance – Given their indoor installation, our geothermal systems aren’t subject to the rain, snow, ice, debris, temperature extremes, and vandalism that knock out ordinary heat pumps and air conditioners.
  • environmental harmony – Given that our geothermal systems are naturally green heat pumps, emitting no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gasses

More and more residents in Charlotte are discovering just how great geothermal systems are for retrofit or replacement applications.

The advantages are easy to see:

  • Geothermal systems are among the most efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions available.
  • Most geothermal units are a breeze to install – particularly those replacing another forced-air system.
  • Geothermal systems can be installed in areas where fossil fuel furnaces are unsuitable. That’s because, with geothermal, there’s no combustion and thus no need to vent exhaust gases.
  • Geothermal technology is ideal for in-floor radiant heating, because hot water circulates through pipes under your floors to heat your rooms.

If you’re a Charlotte resident looking to retrofit or replace your current heating and cooling system, contact us, the experts Ross and Witmer. We’ll show you all the advantages of a geothermal retrofit or replacement.